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I'm a procrastinator who refuses to acknowledge the fact that I can't stay 21 forever. Lives to eat and complains when the weight piles on. I also love my fat gay boyfriend to bits. Almost everyone and everything annoys me unless I say otherwise. Oh ya.. if you don't like what you see here, kindly click on the back button or the close button on the upper right corner and save me the trouble of reading how unappropriate you think my blog is.

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3 years
Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm going to keep this short and simple. I love you baby for.... all the late night Milo's, tucking me in, your stupid jokes, being my there whenever I needed a shoulder, allowing me to bite you... and also... for everything:) Happy 3rd year, by! To many many more annivesaries to come. MUAHHHHSSSSSSS

written by puckishkel at 01:16 pm

May 8, 2009   01:07 PM PDT
congrats you two!
May 5, 2009   09:08 PM PDT
congratulations, u two! many u always have blessed crazy funny biteful years together!

u bite coz u think he's cullen, right? :P
May 5, 2009   10:06 AM PDT
hahaha happy 3 years to you and fat boy, you crazy woman! *hugs*

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