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Ahh the days of..
Monday, April 20, 2009

1. Gaban!

2. Baja Hitam. Sizzling hot *drools* or at least he was in my 7 year old mind


3. Voltron, Transformers and Thundercats after naptime

4. GOOD cartoons and none of that new animated crap on Cartoon Network these days. Days when cartoons still look like cartoons.

5. Sumi jelly...yummmm

6. Nap time everyday!

7. 6p.m Malaysian drama on TV2. Days when we still produced good TV drama.

8. 20 cents ice pop that mom wouldn't let me have but I bought it on the way home from school and tried not to get any on my shoe.

9. Buying tikam tickets from the shop after school. I once won RM1 from a RM0.10 ticket. Ahhh the junk food that it bought me the next day....

10. Care Bears and My Little Pony

11. Smurfs!

12. The smell of salted fried peanuts and ikan bilis with white porridge that greets me when I come home from school.

13. Skipping through kampung roads after school and stealing fruits. Free pomegranates! Mom never had to worry that somebody would kidnap me.. unlike now, take your eyes of the kid for 1 second and someone else would swoop down and take them away.

14. I loved Power Rangers and our government had to spoil it by censoring the word MORPHING because it sounded like it became "It's *tooooot* time". Retarded.

15. Malory Towers and St. Clares....I then spent my time daydreaming about going away to boarding schools and doing scenes with my sister... damn lame.

16. Playing dress  up with my sister and always getting bullied cause I was 6 years younger. So I was always the patient, the wicked witch, the old beggar lady....basically anything ugly and I went along with it cause I was just happy that she would play with me-.-"

Mom said I looked like E.T. So that was my nickname for a long while

17. Hantu Galah... I was always the hantu cause I never caught ANYone. Same goes to police and thief. Damnit! I really sucked at running gamescry

18. Yearly trips with my family and not having to worry about packing cause mom did everything.

19. Monthly trips to the bank and electric company to pay bills with mom which meant I get to have my choice of fast food for lunch. There was no such thing as paying bills in the post office or via internet those days so it meant taking the bus downtown and spending the whole day outBig Smile Buses then were a whole lot more reliable as well.

20. Dancing around the balcony nakie and nobody thought it was inappropriate...

21. Wall's Romero and Top Ten with the chocolate rice. They don't make ice creams like that anymoreSad

Current Mood: Cold
Current Song: Adam Lambert - Track of My Tears

written by puckishkel at 05:10 pm

April 21, 2009   11:50 AM PDT
Eh who knows.. I just might be one of those that do such thing in the middle of the night:P
April 21, 2009   09:23 AM PDT
haha @ baja hitam - the skinny jeans, tight shirt days are back in style for men! some things never change. ;)

though i dont think "dancing ard the balcony nakie" you CAN'T do today.... lol!

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